Build instructions for Ubuntu

This thread is all cross-platform environment for Windows. You can discuss anything here about how to setup openage build environment for Linux. If any problems encountered feel free to comment here. This post will be changed accordingly.

openage is very straightforward to build in Linux than in any other operating system. Things should be very easy build.

  1. Update your packages using following command
    sudo apt-get update

  2. Install the necessary packages using following command:

sudo apt-get install cmake clang flex make cython3 libeigen3-dev libepoxy-dev libfontconfig1-dev libfreetype6-dev libharfbuzz-dev libogg-dev libopus-dev libopusfile-dev libpng-dev libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev python3-dev python3-jinja2 python3-numpy python3-pil python3-pip python3-pygments qml-module-qtquick-controls qtdeclarative5-dev

  1. First fork the repo from here to your Github account or download it here and leave out Step 4.
  2. Clone the repo using the following command code git clone
  3. Create a new directory to build in, cd into it and configure the project:
mkdir -p bin && cd bin
./configure --download-nyan --compiler=clang --prefix=/usr/local`

make or make install command installs the game to /usr/local

  1. Start openage with ./usr/local/bin/openage if you installed it. Otherwise you start it with make run.
  2. Enjoy!