Cinematics for AoE2 civilisations

It would be absolutely lovely to have a civilisation guide as in AoM for AoE2 civilisations in addition to some training scenarios. I think we would need some nice way to record cinematics in openage for this as well. E.g. for blending over scenes in a scenario.

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AoE2 civilizations are one way playstyle compared to AoM. Take Greeks and Norse for example. Greeks are pretty much your standard civilization meanwhile Norse is different. Like you have military units to make production buildings instead of villagers. If there were multiple playstyle in AoE2 then sure. What I mean by this is you can pull of any strategies with every civs in the game. Like, M@A rush, Archer rush doable with every civs meanwhile AoM civs have different unit choices and economy management, etc.
Nonetheless, for tutorials like build orders, hotkey behaviour, etc. it’ll be nice.

For sure you can try this, but also in AoE2 you are best of to play towards your civilisations strengths. As not every civ is viable to use for every strat. There are archer civs, naval civs, infantry civs, cavalry civs etc. About the civilisation’s strengths for example it’s worth to talk and to set them in context to build orders for example. As well as about counters to the civilisations or where and especially when they excel.