Experiencing error while trying to build new converter

Seems like with this new converter new python module “toml” will be needed. Even so after doing all that I’m getting this “bin” module error in Ubuntu.

What error? You still need to build the project to avoid errors with media and data conversion.

I built my project in /bin directory. But yet says missing this bin directory. Normal old version works still

What commands did you use for building? The order I follow is

./configure --download-nyan

Both in the root directory of the project.

Working but getting this error when trying to convert.

Looks like your version is not AoC 1.0c. That’s the only version that is able to be detected currently.

Using 1.0c. Might have WololoKingdoms installed.

Edit: Yep, still not working. Old converter still detects it as 1.0c

The converter will look for files defined in openage/convert/dataformat/version_detect.py. Since these are the .exe and .dat file, they should always be found unless your WK installation changed something.

Seems like there is a MD5 check for files?

Now I get it. Think it’s an issue due to Userpatch change. Personally I think there is no need to check for exe version change or add Userpatch version to the converter.

Error is still happening

I need to track file versions with checksums, otherwise I’m not able to track the version of the game since there’s no way to read it out from the content of the files. Without that I would not be able to generate informative enough error messages why the conversion failed.

What should I do to help you out to check things?

Don’t think there’s any help necessary right now. The checks work as intended for AoC already.

1.0c No CD MD5 checksum is: f27238dfa1c3ec444152c85f01af30a0
1.0c CD MD5 checksum is: f2bf8b128b4bdac36ee36fafe139baf1
Userpatch 1.5 (Latest) MD5 checksum is: 292f10cbfb12f101d429f7639ee72b25
Voobly AOC (selects version of AOC 1.5/1.0c) MD5 is: bcd557c1fa018fb0594e5e939ef9aea9

Personal thought no checksum for exe is needed.

Still getting no module detected error. It detects 1.0 exe this time

That was an import error. I fixed it in the latest commit.

It worked but getting this error here? So, it’s incomplete?

Try running the converter with the --source-dir option, e.g.

--source-dir /mnt/c/Games/Age of Empires II/

Now error is being thrown at blendomatic.dat and it’s detecting the game as 1.0 version?