Getting involved

We always welcome new contributors! openage is a huge and ambitious project. There is more work than our small core dev team can handle. The openage community is very open, welcoming and supportive. If you’ve got the enthusiasm, you’re all welcome. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems getting started either here in the Forums or in Development Chat.

I want to be part of this, what can I do?

Finding out what to do is not the easiest task, but we have various sources for finding them:

Issue Tracker

In the issue tracker we are collecting well-defined tasks that belong to certain engine parts. We collect feature requests and bug reports at the same place to have an overview and to share tasks more easily. Hence the labels of the issue tracker might be as well a good starting point to figure out where your knowledge is needed most.

:exclamation: A good start into the issue tracker are the good first issue and the just do it labels.

More ambitious?

You can use another view on the issue tracker as well. For example you can take a look at our projects and figure out what needs to be done this way. Or you use the milestones and start from there to help implementing the really big things towards a milestone.

Find TODO comments in code

Sometimes things you want to implement are dependant on work of someone else, so you mark the point where you left of with a TODO comment. Sometimes those things get lost due to other things being more important in the moment and you don’t go back where you left off. You can help us immensely if you search the code base for those TODO messages and fix them.

:arrow_right_hook: A fast and convenient code searching tool to find TODO messages could be ag or the performance-focused Amber , but every other tool(s) you work with should be working as well.

Contact us

The easiest way of contacting us is probably here in the forums. Either by sending us a message (top right side) or opening a topic in the corresponding category. For sure you can also reach out on other channels, the forum is the preferred way though.

Other ways of contacting us are:

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