How openage is going to handle DirectX, Vulkan, Opengl?

Right now openage is pretty much built upon Opengl. Heard it’s going to support Vulkan. I was thinking is it possible to handle different side of engine development on it’s own meanwhile still being faithful to other graphical APIs? For example Windows handles DirectX side pretty well since it’s native to it’s platform on the other hand we have Opengl/Vulkan which is cross-platform. Wouldn’t it be better develop the project being faithful to it’s specific platform?

Vulkan is essentially low-level enough that we don’t need to worry about the operating system. The design of the API is already platform agnostic, so there’s little to gain (if at all) from implementing a DirectX version.

So plan is to switch from Opengl to Vulkan now? I prefer this way honestly. Less extra library is the better. Also what’s the plan for SDL? SDL for getting input only, right?