Link collection for information on pathfinding

Here we can collect links to interesting stuff all around pathfinding.

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My suggestion is to use combined pathfinding. Use the one when needed. This video gave some fine insights…

As a small teaser: There is part of a livestream from the devs of Planetary Annihilation that describe the ideas for openage pretty well, I think.

Here’s an introduction to steering + flocking if anyone is interested (crosspost from chat)

This algorithm can be added for pathfinding.

This tutorial gives basic idea of flowfield/wave based pathfinding…

Jump Point Search algorithm can be a thing as well. Maybe ignore A* for bigger maps?



Implementation and comparison of pathfinding algorithms in a dynamic 3D space
Bit of abstraction needed, as it’s really for 3D space games

Here is some efficiency analysis for 2D as well

Not totally related to pathfinding but can give some infos…