MacOSX version available?

Hey there, i am new here and hope someone can help me - is there any chance to find openage for mac somewhere?
Or a tutorial how to build it?

Thank you so much!!!



Hey welcome here,

We have instructions for building on macOS here:

However, the engine currently does not work on Catalina due to this bug:

So the macOS version is not functional at the moment. However, you can try to fix the bug and PR it to the repo if you are up for the challenge. The other people using macOS would certainly be happy about it :)

If you find solution then be sure to inform me, @pcace. Because I can write a post here in forums and will be helpful to make build instruction here in forums. Because forums is more easy to rewrite than repo.

Take this Windows build instruction as an example. I am modifying this time to time each time I find a solution.

To build the project you need these dependencies:


  • C++: dirent eigen3 fontconfig freetype harfbuzz libepoxy libogg libpng opus opusfile qt5-base qt5-declarative qt5-quickcontrols sdl2 sdl2-image
  • python: cython numpy pillow pygments pyreadline Jinja2

C++: flex make