Openage and Python on Windows

This thread is to name and discuss them and to find proper long-term solutions by design. As discussed before in chat, there are some problems with using Python in different stages of building, packaging and running openage on Windows:

  1. Building
  1. Packaging
  • Our packaging pipeline with CPack is currently embedding the Python version depending on the libraries used not depending on the overall used Python version (interpreter, libraries, etc.)
  1. Running
  • Multiple installed Python versions on a system using the PATH environment variable make it complicated to specifically start the embedded Python version
    • That behaviour is superseded by Python 3.8 talked about in this issue
  • there is the possibility to create a Virtual Environment on the client running openage to have everything more isolated from e.g. system site directories

What are your ideas for or additions to aforementioned stages to make the dealing with multiple Python installations as easy as possible in the future?

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