Submission guidelines

Contributing using git

If you already know how to use git and Github you can contribute directly into the repository using this submission guide.

Contributing using the forum


Be sure to read our list of requirements before submitting. For the most part, these are naming conventions that make it easier for us to review your submission and more accessible for others working with you model.

Creating the Thread

After you adapted your model to the requirements, put everything in a .zip file. Afterwards, you can make a new thread in the Contributing subforum for it. Please choose a descriptive title for the thread that characterizes you model. This should include at least the type of building, the architecture set and the game edition the replacement model was part of. You can also include optional info, like the age the model is used in.

Example title: Barracks Meso Feudal - AoC

If you model is still work in progress, but you already want feedback or enables others to discuss it, put a [WIP] descriptor in front of your title.

Example title: [WIP] Barracks Meso Feudal - AoC

Remove the descriptor once you feel your contribution is ready for submission.

The thread should contain some information on the model. You can use the description from the file you have to create.

Once that is done, you can attach the zip file to the thread and upload it.